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Release – A Filha da Porta-bandeira

“A Filha da Porta-bandeira” is the first single from Fred Martins’ new album, called Ultramarino. This samba is a partnership of Fred Martins and Alexandre Lemos that pays homage to the samba universe, more specifically the samba school Estação Primeira de Mangueira, in the figure of “the daughter of the flag bearer” whose family is full of prominent figures in the samba school.

A Filha da Porta-bandeira travels back to the syncopated samba style that refers to composers such as Geraldo Pereira. In this record, Fred Martins creates a voice and guitar story that is in tune with the harmonic modernity of João Gilberto’s bossa nova.

The songs on the album Ultramarino were composed in the early years in which the author lived between Portugal and Spain and reflect the influence of Iberian music, however, this song represents in this album his first musical base, which is bossa nova.

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